Monday, March 26, 2018

This is Our Story

Mark 11:1-11
Palm Sunday
March 25, 2018

Some people see the story of Jesus as absolute truth.
Some people see the story of Jesus as pure fiction.
Some see the story of Jesus as the story of
one poor unfortunate soul who gets himself in a bad situation.
But if we look closely at the story of Jesus –
especially the part of the story that we read today
and every Holy Week – we see that it’s not just the story of
one person and one event in history, but it is our story.

The disciples who fall asleep
when Jesus needs them most.

Peter, who brags that he will follow
Jesus even to death, but then denies him
when approached by a servant girl.

Judas who used his position of
Palm Sunday
Evans Yegone

privilege to betray his friend.

The religious leaders who can’t see God in front of them,
and  actually insist that he be stopped and silenced.

The government authorities who use their
position to intimidate and control.

The public’s indifference and even 
embrace of the violence used by those in power.
And the crowds who meet Jesus at the
gate to Jerusalem, and greet him as a hero,
waving and laying down palm branches and coats.
But who turn their back on him,
and scatter when public opinion changes.

This story is our story.
The story of humanity’s various sins.
This is us at our worst.
This is the story of  how humans
have so often turned love into hate.

But this is also our story in another way.
This is a story of a God who knows our sin
and still wanted us to join him anyway.
This is a story about our forgiveness.
This is a story about a savior who
gave everything to us, who was all-in for us.
Who gave his own blood when we demanded it.
Who loves us so much that he would
turn our hate back into love.

Here today are both stories.
Let us always be aware of the first story
and let us always embrace the second one.

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